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Experience the impact. Experience the blue mountains.

Amongst the mountains of The Nilgiris, between the dense forests and dreamy lakes, you can find peace and freedom. With every breath, there’s freshness and a whiff of eucalyptus aroma. When you interact with the mountain people, their simplicity will move you and you’ll start to see the inspiration that led to the birth of Indian Yards Foundation and The Good Gift.


Come visit us and experience the beauty of the Nilgiris. At our resource center in Ooty, you will get to experience the craft and how you can impact the lives of women from rural & indigenous communities of the Nilgiris. You can book a craft workshop with our senior artisans and visit our flagship gift store. You could book this experience for yourself or for even a group. 


Come be inspired with us.

Contact us over email or whatsapp to learn more and book a trip now.

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