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Sustainable Impact through conscious decisions.

With every step in this ecosystem, Indian Yards Foundation and The Good Gift combined, we seek to answer 3 primary questions - Is it good for you? Is it good for the maker? Is it good for the planet?

Each of the craft forms that the women get upskilled with, have been consciously chosen to ensure that they are 100% hand craft forms. There is no use of machines and the women don’t need a lot of space in their homes to craft. All these craft forms can be easily transferred which means the women can master them in a few months time. Each of these craft forms have a variety of applications and are evergreen.

All our artisans work from their respective homes which means their traditional ways of living aren’t disrupted. They work anywhere between 5-6 hours a day allowing them to care for their children and elderly, and complete their chores. We believe these communities have traditions and practices that are key to maintaining the balance of a biosphere like the Nilgiris. Hence, our focus is towards generating more value for their time versus making them work more hours. This approach helps with generating equitable income and fair trade.


We use fabric and yarn for most of our craft forms. All of this material is 100% cotton and of the highest quality. 1/3rd of it is recycled from pre-consumer fashion waste. It is sourced locally within the region, ensuring a lower carbon footprint. We use wooden components as add-ons with some of our craft forms that are sourced from responsibly managed forests. We have put in additional efforts to ensure that these input materials are safe and ethically produced. They have been tested and certified by global institutions such as OKEO-TEX, FSC, SEDEX, Etc.


The World Fair Trade Organization is a global community that verifies Social Enterprises as practicing Fair Trade. To be a member, the enterprise must prove that they are putting the planet and the interests of indigenous and marginalised artisans, farmers and workers first. They use Peer Reviews and independent audits to ensure that the enterprise is practicing the 10 principles of Fair Trade. We are currently a provisional member. 

SEWF Verification recognises existing regional and national social enterprise verification systems. The service aims to support the growth of the global social enterprise ecosystem and expand market access for all social enterprises globally.

Craftmark authenticates genuine hand-crafted processes from all over India. Established in 2006, Craftmark develops sector-wide, process-specific standards and norms for labeling a product as hand-made and increases consumer awareness of distinct handicraft traditions. They authenticate handmade products and therefore, the applicants undergo a strict verification process by Craftmark representatives.

Good Market is an online curated ecosystem that makes it easier to find and connect with Social Enterprises, cooperatives and other responsible businesses, or changemakers. It is a community platform designed around transparency. To facilitate trade, collaboration and collective action.

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