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Join us to strengthen rural communities.

Indian Yards Foundation is part of a Social Enterprise Ecosystem, seeking to enable women from every household in rural India to earn an equitable and consistent income. We have started our efforts with the rural & indigenous communities of the Nilgiris. Every day, their grit and skill serve as our inspiration to keep pushing forward, and to find opportunities for growth and strength. 


Indian Yards Foundation was incorporated to upskill women from rural & indigenous communities into first-generation artisans and subsequently enable them to generate equitable income. We play the enabling and capacity-building role in the ecosystem which handholds women from these communities through an entrepreneurial journey.


Is this a goal that calls to you? If it does, then come work with us.

As an Intern or a Volunteer at Indian Yards Foundation, you will get to understand the kinds of challenges and joys to be found in a Social Enterprise. You will get the opportunity to experience the rural & mountain landscape. To feel the same inspiration that drives us. To know the impact you can make. 


Some of the project opportunities available at the moment are listed below:


  1. Building training plans and capacity building modules

  2. Impact assessments

  3. MIS, data collection & analytics

  4. Process improvements

  5. Social media & marketing


Tell us what you are excited about and why you would be a good fit.

Join us to gain an experience that you will cherish.

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