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The upskilling journey.


The Indian Yards Foundation Vision:

To enable women from every household in the rural landscape into the economic mainstream.


The journey for each of these women begins with walking into our resource center.  We prioritize upskilling women who truly need financial aid so that we can maximize the impact of our limited resources. To meet this requirement, we assess each potential artisan to understand their situation and accordingly schedule them for the next training batch. 

Our standard training program spans over 4 weeks. Training begins with a week of orientation that sets expectations.

There they:

  • Are oriented on the ways of working

  • Introduced to the craft forms we specialize in 

  • Interact with senior artisans from the community

The trainings are currently held at our primary resource center in Ooty. Soon, these training programs will be run from our satellite resource centers. This will be closer to the villages the artisans come from, causing less disruption to their lives.

Image 21-02-23 at 8.23 PM.png

Highlighted starred locations being villages from where women are being engaged. 

Through the training period, the women are paid a stipend, provided they meet the program deliverables. Training sessions are in batches of 5-10 artisans. Depending on their skill, aptitude, and interests, each artisan trains in 2 craft methods over the next 3 weeks. One of which will be their primary craft. 

Training is structured to help build a support network for the women in addition to upskilling them. After their initial training, they complete 2 follow-up sessions. They then continue to work with a senior member of the community who serves as a guide and mentor. Senior members are around to answer questions, motivate and problem-solve. The purpose of these relationships is to last long past training and continue to build capacity to do more within the community. Below illustration portrays our vision for these women :

Journey of an Artisan_Infographic.png

We have gone past the 'trainee' and 'artisan' stages, we are now going through the grind of capacity building and inspiring them to walk the path of an entrepreneur. 

From trainee to earning artisan.

Once they complete their training, the artisans are onboarded into the respective craft cluster that works with our market linking channel, The Good Gift, to start their income generation journey.

Our Artisans now specialise in multiple respected international craft forms.

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