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Equity through handcrafting.

In the misty valleys and peaks of the blue mountains, women from rural and indigenous communities come together after their daily chores. They pick up yarn or linen and with internationally valued crafts like crochet, embroidery and macrame, they make their path to economic stability. A path aided by Indian Yards Foundation.


Indian Yards Foundation is a not-for-profit enterprise that aims to enable women from rural & indigenous communities achieve dignified livelihoods, without disrupting the needs and patterns of their traditional ways of life. We upskill them into first-generation artisans and subsequently enable them with resources to create high-quality children, lifestyle and home & living products. With each completed project, they earn a fair wage that they can apply to improve their life and savings.

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Indian Yards Foundation supports and empowers women from these communities to take control of their economic independence. To achieve this, we are building a social enterprise ecosystem that ensures the transfer of ownership.

Support our artisans and help them flourish.


Various global and Indian Institutions that govern ethical, fair trade and quality standards have recognised our efforts towards making a change.



We are privileged and honoured to be part of an esteemed network of impact incubators and investors.

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Every one of our artisans is skilled to the highest level of proficiency in a craft. The craft is chosen on the basis of their interest and aptitude. They go through a training and mentorship journey that allows them to eventually embrace leadership roles in the community. Take a peek at their journey.


We are privileged and honoured to be featured by leading media platforms.

Indian Yards Foundation began as an initiative to help the community. To solve a problem that was immediately visible when our founders took to an off-the-grid life. It grew from a small idea in their living room to embrace artisans from 10+ villages.

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